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A Little About Me ...

My name is Tony Byrne, and I live in Bideford, North Devon with my wife Dawn.
I served in the Royal Artillery and Army Air Corps before leaving after 15 years service due to ill health.

I am lucky enough to have support from a Charity called Combat Stress, where I met a few people who ignited my love for painting.

I am by no means a professional artist or photographer and class myself as 100% amateur. However, I have have had art work exhibited at the Mall Gallery in London, at Combat Stress and at the Iron and Fire Gallery in Leatherhead, at the Guilford Guild Rooms and and at Hidden Valley in Braunton, and at the Elliott Gallery in Bideford, North Devon and more recently at the Goodwin Gallery Roundswell in the Art to Recovery exhibitions.

I have had an interest in photography for many years but have never been trained or qualified at any professional level. My interest in photography started when I was in the Army and have progressed from film to digital.

My painting has been something of a labor of love and persistence. Again, I am not trained in any way and, in fact, my art teacher at school told me I would never make an artist.

My real love of painting came about because of the encouragement of a few people who I have been lucky enough to meet in the past few years. Darren who inspired me to give it a go after watching him draw parrots when we spent Christmas one year in Tyrwhitt House. He made it look so easy! Kay, the Occupational Therapy Center Manager, with her ability to empower us with the belief that we can all paint. Kay’s encouragement has got me to the point where I am today. Lastly Dawn my wife, Like Kay she has been my mentor, best critic but most of all my best friend, who has given me the courage to keep trying.

My art is varied and colourful. I hope you enjoy browsing through my collection of photographs and paintings.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or fill in the guest book.

Many Thanks - Tony Byrne

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